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#34 - Legends of Tomorrow
 a_song_of - (gribouille)
12:21pm 27/05/2016
gribouille posting in A Song Of...
10 icons (+ 9 alternates/rejects) for 10in30

The first icons I made were oddly "easy", and I was quite happy with them. But after that, it got harder, and there's quite a few rejects because either I got a better idea or the icon just didn't match what I had in mind. Oh, and text still isn't my strong suit. Ah, well.

I picked option #3, which means that I used one song for all my icons: Sia's Alive. Hover on the icons to see the lyrics that inspired them!

Please credit gribouille or a_song_of
Comments are loved :-)
Textless icons are not bases.


10in30 icons
1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9 10

Alternates & rejects
11 12 13 14 15
16 17 18 19
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09:59am 30/05/2016 (UTC)
a random javascript function: haru swimming
Wonderful job with this set! I love that you used different lyrics for each icon. And WOW at the text use on 10, I love the way the text follows the shape of the mask thing. Gorgeous vibrant coloring too! The blocking in 3 is great, love the contrast between close and mid crops and bw and colored images, and the shadows have so much depth, this icon is completely gorgeous. I also really like 8 and all its alts, the muted coloring is great, love the dramatic darkness, and all the different compositions work really well. Great set :)
picword: haru swimming
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(no subject)
10:03am 30/05/2016 (UTC)
gribouille: Bleach
Thank you soooooo much!! I'm so happy about the text, it really isn't my strong point, but I must say I really liked how it turned out with 10 so yaaaay!!

Thanks again for this lovely and detailed comment ♥
picword: Bleach
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