July 30th, 2016

Tokyo Ghoul

#37 - Anime multifandom

10 icons (+ 1 alternate) for 10in30: Bleach, Code Geass, Hunter x Hunter, Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler II, Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan, Terror in Resonance, Tokyo Ghoul

I don't icon animes much, even though I love watching them, so a multifandom round looked like the perfect opportunity! I struggled a bit with those due to lack of time and motivation so it's not the batch I'm the proudest of, but I still think I'm getting somewhere. I hope.

Once again I decided to do the "hard" mode and only used the following color palettes:

Hover for fandom.

Please credit gribouille or a_song_of
Comments are loved :-)
Textless icons are not bases.


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